Do you want to be globally successful?

Working internationally in multicultural teams spread around the world is part of everyday business today. But the mostly virtual communication and collaboration does not run "smoothly" everywhere. Projects remain unsuccessful, fizzle up or are often cancelled.  Spending has little effect on the success of the projects and the resulting costs are often immense or may spiral out of control.

Through my own long-term work abroad in Africa and Asia, I am familiar with the "pitfalls" of intercultural cooperation. As a "bridge builder" between cultures, let me offer to be of help to you and your team so you can benefit from cultural differences and create synergies to guarantee success for your business.

Business development India

India is an attractive location with a high market potential. Fascinating, attractive for business, but culturally very challenging. Misunderstandings are inevitable.

If you have to set up a new (production) location, a joint venture or ongoing projects need to be improved, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We advise and support you in setting up your cooperation with India on a sustainable basis and in minimizing company risks.

Together we will develop an approach that fits your needs.

Possible questions are:

  • What could our strategy for business development in India look like?
  • How can executives be strengthened in the demanding management tasks of cross-border work?
  • How can German-Indian teams work together successfully and innovatively?
  • How can managers and teams expand their intercultural competence?

Consulting on international cooperation

Due to globalization, the world is growing closer together. The change for a socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable development presents countries around the world with the challenge of solving this future task. International collaborations arise across borders and cultures.

Facilitating change together is the goal of international cooperation. Projects are designed and implemented in dialogue with various actors from the public and private sectors in the partner countries, based on a participatory diagnosis.

We carry out the support and the design of these demanding change and cooperation processes professionally and with passion.

Our advice includes:

  • Organizational advice on the institutional strengthening of (government) authorities, private companies, and civil society organizations
  • Advice and establishment of communication and cooperation processes between different stakeholders within a sector (e.g., energy, climate, education, or economy)
  • Moderation of negotiation processes regarding different interests between multi-stakeholders
  • Opening up spaces for reflection and mutual learning
  • Capacity building measures and coaching for managers, teams, and individuals